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The best advice quotes from pop songs on carefully selected products. Beautifully calligraphed by Swiss designer Marcus Kraft, these inspiring and motivating lyrics will put a smile on your face!

How it started

It all began while Swiss graphic designer Marcus Kraft was travelling through the jungle in Asia: It had been raining cats and dogs for a week. To keep his spirits up, he listened to a lot of music. This made him realize that lots of songs give good advice or worldly wisdom. Henceforward, he asked every backpacker on his trip and every friend back home if they knew such songs. Soon, the collection had a remarkable number ... over 900 songs. Back home, he painted the songs with black ink in his distinctive typographic handwriting.

The song collection

When times are particularly difficult, and you are likely to slip into despair, some of the greatest pop songs can provide true comfort and help you to make it through the pain and put a smile on your face. A lot of the songs are supposed to be serious; some of them are sung with a wink; all of them have the ability to make us view something from a different perspective. The songs represent the popular music styles from the last 70 years: from rock to folk, and from punk to hip hop. It’s a collection of famous advice songs, but there are also many surprises.

The bestseller

In 2012, the first book ‹Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow› got published and struck a chord with the audience. Soon, it became a worldwide bestseller and is nowadays sold in the gift shops of some of the world’s most important art museums. Various exhibitions of the original ink drawings followed ― amongst others at the legendary concept store Colette in Paris, France.


Frequent updates

Over the years, the Pop Music Wisdom familiy has consistently been expanded and now comprises books, postcards, wall art, clothing, and various accessories. We frequently add new products, advice and playlists ― so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for news and updates and be the first to know.


From the very beginning, it was our utmost concern to make the Pop Music Wisdom brand as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We only use organic fair  trade cotton for our clothing, and our packaging is either recyclable, biodegradable, or both. You can learn more about it here.


Ten percent for the planet

When you give, we give back: We donate ten percent of our profits to organizations that support the protection of the planet. With this donation we compensate the last bit of environmental pollution that results from production and shipping – good for the planet and for your karma, too! Read more about it here.

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Keep on rockin’!

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About Marcus Kraft

The Dutch newspaper ‹De Volkskrant› once called him the ‹Bad Boy of Swiss Graphic Design›: Marcus Kraft is an art director, designer, typographer and curator ― educated in Switzerland, Germany and the US. With his Studio Marcus Kraft in Zurich, he realizes award-winning projects for national and international clients. He is also the founder and curator of the public art space Tableau Zurich, and a partner at Soeder. In his free time, he plays the drums in an unknown rock band. 

«Marcus Kraft is one of the most respected designers — not only in one dimension,» said style guru Tyler Brûlé on Monocle Radio.

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